The 11th Annual Brown | RISD Dual Degree Exhibition: Parallels

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts | Public Reception January 24th 2019


As the BRDD program celebrates its 11th year, members of the Dualie community are invited to submit to the 11th Annual Dual Degree Exhibition: Parallels. For this year’s exhibition, you can consider submitting works related but not limited to the following ideas:








Your work doesn’t have to correspond directly with one of these words, but should address similar concepts. Feel free to submit any type of work -- whether it be visual arts, installation, performance, words, music/sound, or other forms. This year’s exhibition will also feature a table of zines or smaller paper works, so feel free to submit pieces that may work on a smaller, more personal level.
As in previous years, the show will be held in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown, a dynamic and multi-faceted venue. There is space for performance, live music, and other experiences at the opening reception.

Please view the submission guidelines for information on drafting a proposal!

Please contact if you have any questions regarding specific works.

We look forward to seeing your work!

BRDD 2019 Exhibition Executive Committee